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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos


Table was in a garage fire, we were able to clean up the table and made it look "like it never even happened!"

Table Smoke Damage

Pictured is a table with minimal smoke damage on the flat surface following a garage fire. As you can see, there were items on the table when the fire occurred ... READ MORE

Church Pew Smoke Damage

This pew was in a customer’s garage when a fire loss occurred and left significant smoke damage. This is one of the few items that the family wanted to sa... READ MORE

Machine Shed Fire, Grundy Center

A machine shed in Grundy Center suffered from a fire loss with significant smoke damage. Our whole team stepped up and helped out on all parts of this job. We w... READ MORE

Machine Shed fire, Grundy Center

A machine shed filled with heavy smoke and soot after a tire caught on fire and left heavy damage throughout the building. We were able to restore and save many... READ MORE

Gulf War Howitzer scrubbed up!

SERVPRO of Black Hawk County is thankful for the opportunity to donate our skills and products to remove debris and clean the Persian Gulf War Howitzer gun that... READ MORE

Sewer backup, cleaned up by SERVPRO of Black Hawk County!

When sewer backup occurs, it destroys everything in its path. Unfortunately this Cedar Falls, Iowa home basement experienced just that! Basements are often used... READ MORE

Mold Remediation by SERVPRO of Black Hawk County

When mold is found, the best solution is to call 319.268.1521, SERVPRO of Black Hawk County will remove it 'Like it never even happened'. Our certified and trai... READ MORE

Fido's accidents don't have to be permanent stains on your carpet!

When Fido has an accident on your carpet, let SERVPRO of Black Hawk County clean it up “Like it never even happened.”Animal feces, stains and odor c... READ MORE

Work, Work, Work! Offices benefit from carpet cleaning in Waterloo, Iowa!

WORK, WORK, WORK! Every work place experiences high-traffic pattern areas in their carpet. It is a common site to see the worn area after a plastic office chair... READ MORE

Commercial building's ceiling loses the fight from water weight.

A commercial building in Waterloo, Iowa, had a sprinkler system malfunction during the weekend. By the time it was discovered the ceiling insulation and dry wal... READ MORE

Sprinkler system breakdown causes water loss in commercial building.

A sprinkler system breakdown caused water to flow and collect in a commercial building over the weekend. The laminate wood flooring & small area of tile was... READ MORE

Mold Remediation from a Stairwell

Mold lined the wood near this stairwell. We removed the contaminated wood and carpet and applied disinfectant cleaners to the area. The home had an ongoing mois... READ MORE

Calling SERVPRO of Black Hawk County immediately saved this commercial storage area!

In Waterloo, Iowa, a commercial storage area was soaked with water after a sprinkler system malfunctioned. SERVPRO of Black Hawk County was called in to rescue ... READ MORE

Smoke Damaged Walls Calls for New Drywall

The smoke from a fire turned the walls black and damaged the drywall significantly. Unfortunately, Drywall is hard to save once it’s been damaged, so in m... READ MORE

Out with the [M]Old

Mold was discovered behind this sink, and it spread to the cabinets and flooring in this home. We removed the contaminated items, and now it is ready for the ne... READ MORE

Pipe Burst Leads to Leaky Ceiling

This commercial building faced a significant water loss that led to a leaky ceiling. If you look closely, you can actually see the water falling to the ground. ... READ MORE

Heavy Rains Strike Independence Home

This basement suffered from a water loss in their basement due to heavy rains in the Independence area. You can see the stains the water left on the walls in th... READ MORE

Rain, rain, go away.

A heavy rainstorm caused this basement to fill up with water in Independence, IA. The carpet in this photo had to be removed in the restoration process due to t... READ MORE

Moisture Meter

We worked on a commercial building that had excess water penetrate multiple floors and invade several rooms on each floor. Using our time wisely, we determined ... READ MORE

Cement Blocks are Good for More than Just Retaining Walls

This commercial building had an unfortunate sewer backup in the basement. During the cleanup process, our team moved the filing cabinets you see in the photo to... READ MORE

HEPA Vacuum Removes Mold From Subfloor

When a family was replacing their floors, they found a not-so-pleasant surprise hiding under their flooring: mold. A SERVPRO of Black Hawk County technician cam... READ MORE

The Danger of Smoke Damage

his commercial building suffered a fire loss due to electrical problems. Smoke damage can be overlooked, but it’s more prevalent than you’d think. O... READ MORE

Infrared Camera Detects Wet Spots

This commercial building was hit hard by flash flooding in Des Moines, Iowa. The flooding caused the sewer to backup, which left a mess and a not-so-lovely smel... READ MORE

Flash Flooding Causes Sewer Backup

This Des Moines business was hit hard by flash flooding earlier in July 2018. The flooding caused the sewer to backup, which left a mess and a not-so-lovely sme... READ MORE

Saving your most Important Possessions after Disasters

This piano suffered from smoke damage after a house fire. Upon receiving the piano, we wasted no time getting started. The layer of soot on the piano looks like... READ MORE

Smoke Damaged Piano Looks Brand New

This piano suffered from smoke damage after a house fire. The rings you see on top of the piano are where items were sitting when the fire occurred. When we rec... READ MORE

Disposal of Ashes

As the end of summer draws near, we’d like to address the proper way to dispose of any left-over ashes you may have sitting in your fire pit. Be Safe:Alwa... READ MORE

Basement Flooding in Waterloo Home Leaves Carpet Soaked!

Flooding happens in several different ways. A pipe burst in the basement of a Waterloo home leaving the carpet flooded! The darker colored area in the carpet re... READ MORE

Precious Moments Figurines are Restored after Fire

Before you go and throw away your damaged or dirty Precious Moments figurines, let the professionals have a look. This Precious Moments figurine survived the ef... READ MORE

We Clean the Mess Without Leaving One of our Own

It doesn’t take a rocket science degree to know that people are less stressed in a clean space. That’s why we pay attention to the small details in ... READ MORE

Extreme Winter Weather Causes Problems for Cedar Valley Residents

2019 has had a harsh first quarter thus far. We’ve endured record amounts of snow, frigid temperatures, and ice in a very short amount of time. As a resul... READ MORE

Reaching New Heights For Our Commercial Businesses

SERVPRO of Black Hawk County is climbing new heights to take care of your cleaning needs. This factory acquires a lot of dust during their operations, so we cam... READ MORE

Going the Extra Mile for our Customers

There's a reason we use the phrase, "Like it never even happened." As you can see, this shelving unit suffered significant smoke damage from a fire. Although it... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning Under Furniture

When’s the last time you moved a large bookshelf or cabinet? Odds are it’s been a while. In the photo above, you can see that over time, dust, dirt,... READ MORE

Commercial Business Suffers Water Loss Over the Weekend

Over the weekend, a local bank encountered a water loss, and SERVPRO of Black Hawk County was quick to respond to their cry for help. In this scenario, our prod... READ MORE

Air Dryers Dry Basement Fast

Did you know that water leaks can come from your appliances too? A washing machine on the main floor affected the kitchen, laundry room, and made its way down t... READ MORE

Working Under the Weather, Literally.

Iowa weather can be tricky at times. We have long winters, very hot summers, and a short spring and fall. In January, we were able to help another franchise in ... READ MORE

Cleaning Nicotine Stains off of Carpet.

Regular smoking inside the home can cause nicotine stains on the walls and even the carpet. The homeowners thought they would have to pull out the carpet but lu... READ MORE

Carpet was so clean, we shocked ourselves.

Our production crew could not stop raving about this carpet cleaning! Taylor who usually works on fire and water damage was totally impressed by how our main ca... READ MORE

Home suffers fire damage in Waterloo, IA

This is the living room area after a fire. The entire home suffered major fire damage. This home seems almost like a total loss but we are the leading restorati... READ MORE

From Dull to Shine, BYE SOOT!

This vessel went through a very noteworthy restoration! After a fire, we sometimes bring many items to our warehouse where we go through the cleaning and restor... READ MORE

Fire in the Bathroom.

Not many will expect a fire to start in a bathroom but this bathroom vent malfunctioned and smoke instantly covered the room. The ceiling had to be removed and ... READ MORE


Archived Before & After Photos