SERVPRO of Black Hawk County Employee Photos

Tall white man in his late 30s is smiling.

Scott Demuth - Owner

Scott Demuth has been in the restoration industry since 2005. He is extremely passionate about helping those in a disaster. He is sincere and empathic, giving his clients assurance and earning the trust to help put their home or business back together. He enjoys talking to people and listening to their needs to find out how he can help.

Scott keeps his team proficient in the latest restoration and cleaning techniques by investing in continuing education and certification classes. He schedules weekly meetings for training updates, expresses words of affirmation for all their hard work, and leads daily meetings for open communication of the day’s workload.

Family is a priority. Scott is very understanding of his employees when family matters occur. Besides being a family man, he is also a funny man. You will often see him sharing laughs with his family, friends, staff and even strangers. He does great voice imitations.

Blonde, green eyed white woman smiling.

Libby Demuth - Owner

Libby Demuth's work at SERVPRO of Black Hawk County is behind the scenes but never unnoticed. She coordinates the office logistics and is the uniforms & supply manager. The whiteboard in her office is a go-to-place to request necessary supplies to help every employee be successful in their work.

Her attention to detail of the SERVPRO work attire not only assists employees to ‘dress the part’ but keeps the team seasonally fitting and coordinated.

Libby also does the accounting and payroll in QuickBooks fulfilling that role since purchasing the franchise in 2012 with her husband Scott. Outside of work she enjoys their two daughters' activities and family time.

Girl with blonde hair in front of green truck

Madison Engelke - Marketing Support Coordinator

Madison Engelke joined the SERVPRO team as the Marketing Support Coordinator in June 2021, days before the office moved into its new location, quadrupling the size of the workplace. Her enthusiasm and gratefulness were not lost in the vast space & busyness but added a fun component to it all!

From Storm Lake, Iowa, this UNI graduate sought out & took advantage of opportunities in marketing while in college, to give her a great base to go with her Business Marketing: Digital Media & Advertising degree. She is Google Ad & Excel certified and enjoys sharing information and advice through writing. She was a member and held leadership roles in the oldest, still running student organization on the UNI campus, Orchesis Dance Company.

Her large family, Pepper the cat, and love of dance since age 5 rounds out her persona.  She is excited to meet, work, and grow in knowledge with all the people involved with SERVPRO and the communities we serve.

Woman with short wavy hair, rectangular glasses and green eyes is smiling.

Debbie Robeson - Smile Supplier

Debbie Robeson has been a part of the SERVPRO team since 2015. She wears several different hats for SERVPRO of Black Hawk County and SERVPRO of Decorah. Both as marketing manager and representative, she focuses her attention on education and purposeful promotion of SERVPRO services. Creative and intentional gifts that leave lasting impressions of SERVPRO’s sincere care is what her circle of friends throughout many cities appreciate. Providing solutions through storytelling, she easily sells her SERVPRO team’s skills for cleanup and restoration. She enjoys living up to her nickname "Smile Supplier" by connecting individuals to resources they need in ANY sort of circumstance.  

Debbie loves to make a mess in the kitchen (cooking) and digging in the dirt (gardening) along with entertaining family and friends with the free time she pulls aside.

Desire in green vest in front of truck

Derise Luna- Job File Coordinator

Cool, calm and quick to bring stability to a chaotic situation; SERVPRO’s job file coordinator, Derise, fills this need effectively! She’s often the first person to answer the call for help, literally! Listening, sorting out, and connecting the needed assistance puts a smile on her face.

Derise brings a lifetime of experience in the many facets of owning a business, from her family’s entrepreneurship. Seeing a need and filling it, comes second nature.

Surrounded by her large family, involved in kids’ activities, and spending time in nature is first on her list of importance outside of SERVPRO…making it special by adding a great cup of coffee completes the joy-filled experience! 

Employee in front of green truck

Amanda Tomlinson - Job File Coordinator

The first step to any project begins with a phone call to our central office. Amanda Tomlinson is the face on the other end of the line who will keep you calm, cool, and collected while we get all the necessary details to get you back to “like it never even happened.” Amanda started in October of 2022 and has been a great asset to our team. She graduated from Hawkeye Community College and obtained Executive Assistant AAS & Legal Office AAS.  When she is not busy coordinating jobs and being attentive to customers, you can find her spending time with her three children, supporting her nieces and nephews at their events, or cuddling her cat, Rosie! Amanda enjoys doing a lot of projects around her home which makes her the perfect addition to SERVPRO since restoring homes is a passion of ours. Customer service is where Amanda thrives and she enjoys that part of her role. One of her favorite parts about this position is “When you can hear laughter throughout the day, that’s where I need to be. Everyone takes their job seriously and does whatever they need to do to take care of the crisis/problem our customer is dealing with, but also know how to be fun and not take life so seriously.”

A tall white male with glasses and a baseball cap smiling.

Brett Armfield - Operations Manager

Brett Armfield is our Operations Manager and has been a part of the SERVPRO team since 2012. Brett has been through SERVPRO’s Employee Certification Training Program (ECTP), is a Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT), and is certified in Applied Microbial Remediation (AMRT) by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Brett’s passion for restoring “Like it never even happened," is evident in his daily work. Brett loves summer which lends itself to his hobbies of camping, grilling, floating down the river, and time spent on the disc golf course. He is a loving husband and father. Growing up all around the world, Brett's experiences with many cultures have created a greater knowledge and appreciation for differences in life. 

Older white man with gray hair wearing a black polo shirt and smiling at the camera.

Dennis Larson - Construction Manager

Dennis has been a part of the SERVPRO team since September 2020 and with Reconstruction Services as a new addition to our branch of work. The title Construction Manager is describing only part of Dennis’s capabilities. He brings a worth of skills & standards that align and complement SERVPRO’s core values.

Dennis’s sense of responsibility is built on the notion that people are counting on him and he doesn’t take that lightly. He combines his dry wit to inspire a smile when times are tough. Dennis is looking forward to getting back to physically helping people rebuild and to reconnect with Scott Demuth, a past co-worker, from his long years in the construction business.

His free time is filled with his wife and 2 sons & families and ‘shopping’- which he describes as spending time and money in his own woodshop! He even makes his own creations.

A white woman with auburn hair, hazel eyes and a tight smile.

Autumn Kelly - Cleaning Technician

Autumn Kelly is a cleaning technician at SERVPRO of Black Hawk County. She has been with SERVPRO since 2013 and has a background in janitorial work. Her eye for detail, patience and organizational skills make her a vital part of the team. Autumn has been certified as a Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician (FSRT).

In her free time, she enjoys photography and camping with family and friends.

A young white man with big glasses smiles.

Talor Mussman - Restoration Technician

Talor is a production technician and has been a part of the SERVPRO team since April 2017. Talor has been cooking up lots of experience, literally, in the Cedar Valley as a chef and line cook for 8 years since graduating from Cedar Falls High School. He thrives on the ‘daily special’-the wide variety of jobs that are involved in the cleanup and restoration business.

He uses additional skills gained in car body repair and welding to serve up success. Helping others and working alongside team members that care, make up his menu for the day.

Skateboarding, playing the guitar, and time spent with his wife and daughter are the things that wait for him at home each night.

Tan smiling man with a black hat and black shirt infront of a green background.

Devante Allen-Krueger - Project Manager

Devante has been a part of the SERVPRO family since 2020, in the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic, but with such ferocity and eagerness to be apart of the help as an essential worker. He enjoys working in a team and he really enjoys the “family vibe”. 

The biggest compliment he’s received is that he has a nice smile and he does! He is happily married. His wife inspires him to continue to be more than he thinks he is. They share their lives with a cute cat called Aang, based on the main character of the cartoon, The Last Airbender (Great Show!) He is originally from Tripoli, IA.

When he is not working, you can find him playing NBA 2K ( His favorite basketball team is Boston Celtics because of Paul Pierce) and lifting weights. Devante can bench 5 plates and squat 9 plates!!!  If he could eat one thing for the rest of his life, he would eat steak.

White man with Red Beard wearing a baseball cap and glasses smile tightly at the camera

Ben Stocks - Restoration Technician

Say Hi to Ben! He has been a part of our team since 2020. Looking for more hands-on work, as a production technician at SERVPRO, that’s exactly what he got. He dove right in, anxious to absorb the restoration business. His past experience working with seniors gives him patience, empathy, and understanding when dealing with tough situations in a water or fire loss.

Ben has applied his skills to his personal home improvement projects, and is excited to work in SERVPRO’s construction division, as well.  He is appreciative to his co-workers for welcoming him on board and empowering him to lead projects. As an avid swimmer and tennis player in high school, Ben knows practice makes perfect, which he strives for daily. Volunteering with Children’s Cancer Connection is a way to give back, celebrating his brother, who is a cancer survivor.

He fills in his free time with drawing, watching comedy and action films, along cheering on the Green Bay Packers!

White young woman with blonge long hair that pulled in a tight ponytail, wearing a black hoodie and smiling.

Nelli Stocks - Restoration Technician

Nelli’s superb work ethic stands out and her energy level matches it. Her dedicated years of being an athlete, excelling in softball as a 3rd baseman, has developed in her can-do attitude that SERVPRO desires. Her personable customer service skills round out the valued requirements. She joined the team in 2020, primarily assisting in the carpet and upholstery cleaning division. She has shown her worth in much more physical SERVPRO tasks, by quickly learning the restoration field. Her comical personality is welcomed by teammates, as she loves to make people laugh. She lists outdoor activities that include fishing and being with her dog Zeplin, (as well as listening to such music), as her way to unwind. Nelli cherishes family time and recognizes the importance of being together. Joining her brother Ben on the SERVPRO team has made it truly a family affair.

A very tan man with black hair, smiling tightly.

Kelly Elanzo - Restoration Technician

Kelly Elanzo has been apart of the SERVPRO team since 2020. Kelly was born and raised in the Marshall Islands, an island country in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and the Philippines. With hopes of a better future for his family, Kelly moved to the states looking for work. His siblings, wife, and children are his passion and inspire him to work hard daily.

Kelly has a quiet demeanor but is very focused and motivated. When he was a teenager, he learned some construction from his father, and now uses this skill to assist in restoration. He enjoys working with the SERVPRO family and is grateful for the consistent hours.

Something many people don’t know about Kelly is that HE IS CRAFTY. On his island, he used to hand carve coconuts into sculptures! He also made pendants out of the coconut shell. :)

Jacob in front of SERVPRO vehicle

Jacob Foss - Restoration Technician

Jacob Foss, known by many of his friends and family as just “Foss” joined our SERVPRO team in October of 2022. Growing up, he was big into sports, basketball, and baseball in particular. Today he still carries out his love of sports by playing recreationally, as he enjoys the team effort, strategy, and competitiveness of it. Jacob is a huge fan of the 20-piece McNugget from McDonalds and has that meal on repeat, however, when it comes to dipping sauces, he likes to dabble in them all.  Despite his love for a convenient, delicious fast meal, he also makes a mean tuna sandwich!

When he gets home from a hard day’s work, he spends time at the gym and playing video games. In the future, he would love to travel the world. One of his top destinations is Egypt due to its rich history and his fascination with the Pyramids.

Jacob has a background in customer service, as he worked retail for some time before coming to SERVPRO. He feels that this experience has instilled qualities in him that make him a good listener when it comes to direction and following through on job duties. He values trust between coworkers, and his favorite part about coming to work is that the atmosphere and the people make it easy to come in every day!  

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Alexis Laslo - Cleaning Technician

Alexis has been a part of the SERVPRO family since March 2021. Her favorite thing about SERVPRO is the family-like environment. She also appreciates the variety of our services that allows her to develop a multitude of skills. She was originally from Des Moines but has since moved to the Cedar Valley. Something you may not know about Alexis is that she has a twin! A fraternal twin that is.

She enjoys traveling would love to someday visit a different country. Her favorite place to go to is Colorado, especially at Estes Park. She enjoys nature, beauty, and how peaceful it is. She has a cute Chiweenie named Hazel. Favorite thing to do to unwind after work is to come home to Hazel and watch a movie with her. Alexis loves cinema and appreciates the work of American film director and producer, Stanley Kubrick. She enjoys all movies and loves films that are thought-provoking, visually striking, and creative.

Employee in front of green wall in black SERVPRO shirt

Pam Doudney - Cleaning Technician

Pam Doudney’s caring personality fit right in when she joined our SERVPRO Cleaning Team in 2021. Although her favorite holiday is Halloween, there’s nothing scary about Pam’s skills as a cleaning technician! Her previous janitorial experience, coupled with management level leadership at a convenience store, has us grinning like a jack o lantern!

Pam enjoys the structure of SERVPRO along with the personal acclamation she receives from a job well done. Working among great co-workers, furthering her knowledge in cleaning, especially items that were in a fire, has been eye opening and satisfying. No tricks, just treats, when Pam is bringing an item back to life, "Like it never even happened."

Fishing is a family affair, including her young granddaughter, and older brother. She looks forward to time on the lake with her fiancé.  

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Chuck Frost - Warehouse & Equipment Coordinator

Chuck Frost has checked off many of SERVPRO of Black Hawk County’s ‘to do’ list items since joining our team in November 2018. As Warehouse and Equipment Coordinator, he has organized and labeled the essential equipment that our production technicians use day in and day out.

He supports the team by helping pack trucks, enabling them to get to our customers quicker. Tracking inventory, keeping equipment repaired and assisting our carpet cleaning specialist and demo crew, is what fills Chuck’s part-time position.

Outside of work, Chuck hunts & fishes and enjoys time with his wife Pam at their lake home. Family time with 2 daughters and son in law and his two granddaughter’s activities, including dance, is a high priority for him. He spends countless hours at his church in the kitchen planning, preparing and serving a variety of meals for families and ministry events. To round it all out, Chuck has volunteered on the Sturgis Falls Celebration planning committee since 2006.