Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Flooding at a Kitty Sanctuary

When a storm affected a cat sanctuary that homes many kitties, clean-up was needed right away! We were able to extract all the standing water and in addition, d... READ MORE

Water in Basement

Water can seep through the foundation of your basement. Over time, the foundation of your home can shift causing cracks that water can get through. If it's rain... READ MORE

Water pooling in Basement

Luckily this basement is unfinished so we just had to dry the cement flooring. Even if your basement is unfinished it is important to extract it and keep it dry... READ MORE

Air Dryers Dry Basement Fast

Did you know that water leaks can come from your appliances too? A washing machine on the main floor affected the kitchen, laundry room, and made its way down t... READ MORE

Basement Flooding in Waterloo Home Leaves Carpet Soaked!

Flooding happens in several different ways. A pipe burst in the basement of a Waterloo home leaving the carpet flooded! The darker colored area in the carpet re... READ MORE

Calling SERVPRO of Black Hawk County immediately saved this commercial storage area!

In Waterloo, Iowa, a commercial storage area was soaked with water after a sprinkler system malfunctioned. SERVPRO of Black Hawk County was called in to rescue ... READ MORE

Sprinkler system breakdown causes water loss in commercial building.

A sprinkler system breakdown caused water to flow and collect in a commercial building over the weekend. The laminate wood flooring & small area of tile was... READ MORE

Commercial building's ceiling loses the fight from water weight.

A commercial building in Waterloo, Iowa, had a sprinkler system malfunction during the weekend. By the time it was discovered the ceiling insulation and dry wal... READ MORE

Sewer backup, cleaned up by SERVPRO of Black Hawk County!

When sewer backup occurs, it destroys everything in its path. Unfortunately this Cedar Falls, Iowa home basement experienced just that! Basements are often used... READ MORE