Recent Before & After Photos

Kitchen Renovation With Style

We're here to help with fire damage restoration. Our team has the expertise and attention to detail needed to restore your property to its pre-fire condition. O... READ MORE

Turning Painted Pony Problems Into Paradise

Our Cleaning Technicians paraded these ponies right into our cleaning room and got to work! They restored the vibrancy and shine, and this was no small feat, as... READ MORE

Custom Built-in After a Fire

After the wake of a fire, this built-in was left in shambles. Our talented construction manager designed and installed this custom built-in, enhancing the resto... READ MORE

Toy Kitchenette

This toy kitchenette is once again a place where a child can let their imagination wander, thanks to the great work of our SERVPRO Cleaning Technicians!

Apartment Kitcen Fire

After an apartment fire, several rooms and nearby units received some damage. Ceiling, walls, and cabinets crumbled onto the floor, counters, and appliances. Th... READ MORE

Water Damage on Ceiling

This ceiling had some water damage that promoted some mold growth. The porous material of the ceiling had to be removed to ventilate the ceiling, dry it, and cl... READ MORE

Flooding at a Kitty Sanctuary

When a storm affected a cat sanctuary that homes many kitties, clean-up was needed right away! We were able to extract all the standing water and in addition, d... READ MORE

Water in Basement

Water can seep through the foundation of your basement. Over time, the foundation of your home can shift causing cracks that water can get through. If it's rain... READ MORE

Northeast Iowa Food Bank - Food Rescue

We thought it would be great to share a Before and After of our transit truck during our Food Rescue outreach. We were able to fill this truck up after going to... READ MORE

Water pooling in Basement

Luckily this basement is unfinished so we just had to dry the cement flooring. Even if your basement is unfinished it is important to extract it and keep it dry... READ MORE