Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Burnt up toaster

Toaster Trouble

Standing over your toaster while it cooks your food can make it seem like it takes decades for you to get that perfect piece of toast, but you're doing it right! Never walk away from appliances when they are in use or yours could end up looking like this!

Wall covered in soot except from area where frames used to be at.

House fire in Waterloo, IA.

This living room suffers smoke damage to the interior of the home and contents. You can see the outlines of the stuff that has been removed from the wall. 

Close up of house kitchen vent covered in soot.

Smoke travels and sticks on vent.

Cardboard placed on a stove caught on fire and smoke traveled throughout this home. The kitchen vent had the most soot but white kitchen cabinets also became shades darker.

A gas stove and some burn marks on one of the burners.

Accidental fire on a stove.

Be careful of what you place on the stove even if the stove is off. We might accidentally bump into the stove and turn it on without realizing it. A box went up in flames creating a lot of smoke.

Stainless steal smoke is covered in soot and smoke damage.

Kitchen Fire in Cedar Falls, IA

This was the aftermath of a smoker malfunction and the food inside got too hot. The smoker experienced most of the damage. The restaurant received a full smoke/fire cleanup.

Electrical Fire in Independence, IA

This was the aftermath of an AC malfunction. The electrical fire engulfed the entire fourplex. After the fire department had to take the necessary function to put out this massive fire, the complex received severe fire and water damage. 4 families are now relocated while we clean and restore after this unfortunate disaster.

Front Door after a Fire

This home was so hot inside that all the smoke had to eventually escape. Many windows were shattered including a small window on this front door. It's scary to imagine the same front door that usually opens up to an inviting place, could now open up to a major disaster. We are fortunate that this homeowner had trusted us to completely restore this home. 

No Vandals Allowed in Waterloo Home

This small home is going under major restoration and construction after a fire engulfed every room in the house. While the home is vacant during this process, we are ensuring the home stays protected from unwanted visitors. Our team is able to come and work during any time of day to get this home looking "Like it never even happened."

Introducing the odor killer: The Ozone Generator

After a fire, the smell of smoke is EVERYWHERE. Even in wood. Good thing SERVPRO of Black Hawk County has a solution. Our ozone generator removes odors from books, papers, fabrics, and furniture by altering the oxygen molecules.

The clothes and fabrics in the photo are placed in a small room with the ozone generator—the green machine on top of the shelves—, and then we let the generator do it's thing.

Depending on the situation, it may take two or three times to get the items odor-free because every situation is different. The temperature, exposure, and many other factors all contribute to the odor.

The ozone generator is the first step in the process of removing odors. It's like a little piece of magic.

Your walls need a Smoke Break

These walls have taken in a fair amount of smoke and nicotine over the years, and it’s starting to show. You can see in the photo exactly where the curtains used to be in this home.

Something to keep in mind is nicotine stains don’t happen overnight. They come from years of exposure to smoke and nicotine, so if you don’t want this to happen to your home, you may want to limit the amount of smoking that goes on inside.

BraceAbility Cedar Falls, Iowa working through the cleanup

A contained fire left smoke and soot residue throughout the newly renovated BraceAbility offices in downtown Cedar Falls, Iowa. SERVPRO of Black Hawk County along with Fereday Heating and Air Conditioning cleaned up the fire damage while business continued! SERVPRO of Black Hawk County is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and being "Faster to any size disaster" helped this business stay open.

Machine Shed Fire

Picture was captured cleaning a wall inside a machine shed fire. We had to dry sponge the walls and ceiling then wet wash and dry all surfaces. We were happy to have had all hands on deck for this project to make the process faster.

Commercial Water/Fire Loss

Two extraction trucks onsite of a large fire/water loss in Evansdale Iowa. For commercial jobs, it is imperative that we have the proper vehicles and equipment to handle large-scale jobs such as this one.